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Jon Mozenter, M.A., Registered MFT Intern #61296
"Living the way you knew you could"
(310) 203-1490

11600 Washington Pl., Suite 208
Los Angeles, CA, 90066
United States of America

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I employ an integrated mind-body and relationship-focused approach that is creative and nurturing. Mind-body therapy stresses the connection between psychological symptoms and the body through attention to breathing, relaxation, and imaging techniques. Relationship dynamics demand attention so that individuals can resolve conflicts and find necessary support. I also utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat a range of anxiety disorders, including OCD, Panic, and Phobia.
Mental Health Services
English, Spanish
Payment Methods:
Cash, Check
therapy, anxiety, counseling, depression, grief, trauma, panic, OCD, relationships, PTSD, couples, teens
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